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Win an Albert Einstein action figure! Great motivational study aid.

Albert Einstein was born at 11.30 am on Friday 14th March in 1879 in Germany. He emigrated to the in US 1933 and lectured at the Princeton University. He died on Monday 18th April 1955 at the age of 76 years in hospital in Princeton, New Jersey America. Some of the great achievements in his life was developing the theory of General Relativity and deriving the famous equation E = mc2. It has been 64 years since his death. Since then he has been named by Time magazine's issue of Decemember 1999 as 'The Person of the Century' and is one of the greatest scientists of all time.


Play Hangaroo. It's a great way to improve your Science vocabulary and general knowledge skills. See the Games menu for other educational and learning activities.

Numerous sets of flash cards have also been developed to help students learn the key facts for their School Certificate in Science and for the HSC Chemistry course. The cards are arranged in arranged by sub-topic and are in order of increasing difficulty.

Various learning activities have been selected to stimulate and motivate students to learn by engaging and challenging them.

This site is developing over time and aims to provide a variety of educational games and online tutoring activities to help students excel in Science. The site also aims to prepare students for the GCSE Science and NSW School Certificate exams in Science and for the HSC exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.